About Us
The history of Mallur Siddeswara Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd goes back to around 5 decades starting from Shri Palaniyandi Mudaliar who was engaged in procurement of silk yarn, getting the same converted as warp by the local weavers and selling them. The activity was limited to trading of cotton yarn when his sons Shri S.P. Rathnam, S.P. Sambandam and S.P. Rajendran took over the business from their father. In this trading, a good consumer base was developed by these brothers for around 10 years and this consumer base enthused Shri S.P. Sambandam to start a yarn manufacturing company and his brothers welcomed his proposal and supported Shri Sambandam. Thus in 1972, having taken a decision to commission a spinning mill utilising the strong consumer base, they went for backward integration. In other words instead of starting a spinning mill and selling the yarn,   they gathered the marketing experience initially and then started a spinning mill called Sambandam Spining Mills. Now The Sambandam Group has 7 mills having a total spindleage of around 2 lakh and a turnover of around Rs 350 Crore. Sambandam Group Mills included Mallur Siddeswara Spinning Mills Private Ltd which was established in 1981 and taken over by Sambandam Group in 1987. It has become a separate unit since 2002.  It has a capacity of 17460 Spindles and an annual turnover of around Rs. 40 Crore.

Shri S.P. Rajendran has very wide expereince in marketing for the past 50 years. He was one among the promoters of Sambandam Group Mills. Presently he is the Chairman of Mallur Siddeswara Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd. Shri P.R. Elang Kumaran was a Director (Technical) in Sambandam Group. He has a very wide experience in the technical aspects of cotton yarn industry for the past 30 years. Presently he is holding the position of Managing Director in Mallur Siddeswara Spinning Mills Pvt Ltd. Shri E. Sai Prabhu has around 5 years of experience in the textile industry. He was instrumental in The Modernisation of Machineries of Mallur Siddeswara Spinning Mills.

Marketing :

The company caters the domestic market (Inter State As Well as Intra State) and export market. Around 50% of the turnover is to meet the export market. Further, few of our clients who are with us for the past 10 years contribute to around 50% of our total turnover and they continue to be with us due to our quality of yarn and prompt delivery.
  • Ne 20/1 Carded Weaving

  • Ne 32/2 Carded Knitting

  • Ne 40/1 Carded Weaving

  • Ne 50/1 Combed Knitting

  • Ne 57/2 Combed Knitting

  • Ne 74/1 Combed Weaving