Welcome to Mallur Siddeswara Spinning Mills
Mallur Siddeswara Spinning Mills is one of the leading 100 % Quality Yarn Producers of South India, Located in Salem - Namakkal National Highways, Rasipuram. MSSM has its successful background for the past 3 decades in the Yarn Market because of its
  • Highly motivated quality maintained work culture.
  • Customer requirement & awareness is made to the gross root level work force.
  • Continuous result based refreshing and training.
  • Fully Equipped, ultra modern machines.
  • Cordial relationship with work force enjoyed over years.
The manufacturing process of MSSM involves 100% renewable electrical energy. Thus the product comes out from MSSM is manufacturing through green energy.
  • Ne 20/1 Carded Weaving

  • Ne 32/2 Carded Knitting

  • Ne 40/1 Carded Weaving

  • Ne 50/1 Combed Knitting

  • Ne 57/2 Combed Knitting

  • Ne 74/1 Combed Weaving

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